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Finland Mediation is a process in which a neutral Finland mediator facilitates communication and negotiations between the persons having complaints or dispute to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement agreement, or a better understanding of each participant's interests, needs, values and desires. The Finland Mediator is a trained professional who conducts the Finland mediation services.

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Finland Mediation is based upon the principle of self-determination by the dispute parties, and relies on the dispute parties to reach a voluntary, consensual settlement agreement. While the responsibility for conducting the Finland mediation services rests with the Finland Mediator. The primary responsibility for dispute resolution and settlement rests with the parties. Finland Mediation provides confidential and a neutral setting in which the dispute parties can discuss their viewpoints. Improving communication can lead to mutually satisfactory dispute resolutions. 

Studies have shown that the majority of mediation services parties have reached a mutual dispute resolution settlement thereby avoiding further court action and lawyer expenses. There are few things more worrisome than paying thousands of dollars to lawyers for exhausting court appearances and having a judge who doesn't know your integrity make decisive decisions about your future. Finland Mediation enables the parties to have full control over the outcome of their dispute resolution and settlement agreement.

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